K Henry

“As a family we have had a 13 year relationship with RM Begg Homes Inc. with both my mother and mother- in law being residents. My mother was a resident for over 9 years and mother-in law for almost 3. During this time the staff provided quality care and friendship to both. The home-like environment ensured that they were treated with respect and kindness and our visits were welcomed. Their individual needs were met and nothing was too much bother.

When my mother-in-law was dying, the staff went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that she remained in her place of choice. At all times her dignity was maintained, she received outstanding care, and it was lovely to see staff from all levels – carers and cleaners alike – just pop in to pay their last respects. It typified their devotion to the residents."

Leni May

My mother Nel Kruims spent the last 2 and a bit years of her life as a resident at RM Begg. It was fortunate that she had been able to go in regularly as a respite resident which meant that when the move came to be permanent she was familiar with the environment and routine.

Right from the start the staff made every effort to make Mum feel at home. She was included in the activities that she was interested in and extra touches such as pouring her a glass of wine in the evenings for her nightcap were done with no hassle. Putting on her favourite DVDs or TV program at night was another thing that I could rely on being done.

Mum really enjoyed the many activities on offer and she really looked forward to the craft, singing, bowls and concerts. She was thrilled to go on two overnight out of town trips with other residents and staff. Her contact with the church was maintained with various regular services at RM Begg. It was also wonderful how many extra things were brought to RM Begg to make it easy for the residents and their carers. The hairdresser, dental van, podiatrist and the in - house shopping for age- appropriate clothing – all made it so easy.

Mum was eventually moved to A Wing for her dementia and there her care was even more individual due to her needs. The staff were able to deal with concerns in a quicker manner and give her those little extra touches that are needed.

During the last stages of her life I cannot but speak highly of all the efforts that Mum received to make her comfortable. It was of great comfort to Mum and myself.

I do think that although the care is excellent there is nothing more important than the input by the family and friends to make the resident feel still very much part of the whole community that they have come from."

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