The Kyneton Lions Club was formed on the 17th August 1953, receiving its Charter on the 17th November that same year.  At a Directors Board Meeting on the 24th September, it was decided that the establishment of a “Home for Elderly Persons” would be a desirable project for the Club to pursue as its charter project. The Lions Club then began looking into the feasibility of this project.

On the 9th August 1955, a public meeting was called to formally launch the project which included a fund raising programme. As a result of this meeting, on the 17th August, Miss Ray Begg made the offer to donate, for this purpose, the land her private school was situated on. They received strong support with many offers of assistance from the general public and went ahead with the establishment of the Ray M Begg Homes. After many working bees and extensive fund raising the Ray M. Begg Flats were opened in November 1959.

The Lions Club continued to work towards the betterment of the Homes and on the 1st November 1961 the Committee decided to purchase for future development, the 3.5 acres of land where the Hostel is now situated. With the completion of the units, the Committee decided to look into the possibility of building the next stage, the Hostel. In 1976 the Daffodil Festival Committee donated $21,202.00 towards a feasibility study and forward planning. In 1978/79 the Hostel was built (A & B Wings) and the first twenty eight residents moved in on the 28th October 1979. The Hostel was officially opened by Dame Margaret Guilfoyle on 10th February 1980.  Building work continued and in 1981 we had in operation, 45 funded beds, (which included two respite beds) and one unfunded bed.  In 1989/90 - a further 15 beds were added bringing us to 61 available beds (58 funded, 3 respite.) To enhance the lifestyle of our residents and to meet a perceived community need, the Water Therapy Pool was built in 1994. Further modification to the building was carried out in 1998, with the relocation of the dining room and laundry. In the year 2000, to meet current trends in Dementia Care, we developed a “Safe Wing”. In the 2002 Approval Round we gained funding for our 2 unfunded beds to give a total of 58 funded beds & 3 respite beds.

We have been extremely fortunate to have had a wonderful Ladies Auxiliary, who have raised extensive funds towards the furnishing of the building as well as for resident welfare. As the Homes have developed, the Committee of Management has undergone changes too. It became apparent that the Homes were becoming too big for the Lions Club alone. In 1968 the Committee was extended to include some interested Ladies from the wider Community. Other Service Clubs have willingly given their support by sending representatives to serve on the Committee.

On 25 November 2012, we opened stage one of our brand new purpose built facility. Click here for more information.

The Committee of Management is an Incorporated body of 12 members which became a Board in 2008.