The management of this facility is committed to upholding Accreditation Standard 3.6 that states in its expected outcome that “each resident’s right to privacy, dignity & confidentiality is recognised & respected.”
Management & staff believe that this standard underlies the provision of high quality care & the meeting of all other standards.

2. Objective

To ensure all residents’ rights to be treated with dignity & in privacy at all times is respected & upheld

3. References

Accreditation Standards 2.9 & 3.6; Aged Care Act 1997 Privacy Act 1988; Health Records Act 2001; National Privacy Principles; Victorian Health Privacy Principles

4. Procedure/guidelines

The ways in which the residents' privacy & dignity will be respected & facilitated at this facility include -


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Residents wearing their own clothing of their own choosing (if possible), suitable to the season, clean, matching, appropriate to the occasion & their past code of dress & well-fitting.

Personal Care


Appropriate grooming (according to resident's wishes) - hairdo, make up, jewellery, fingernails, shaving (facial hair in ladies to be treated discreetly & sensitively), glasses cleaned & hearing aid fitted & working (if utilised).

Personal Care


Hygiene & general cleanliness - ensure residents' individual hygiene needs are met : dentures/teeth cleaned after meals, face hands & clothing cleaned as necessary after meals, serviettes are used & removed immediately after meals, dignity aids used as appropriate, bed/wardrobe/drawers/other personal belongings are kept clean & tidy

Personal Care


Resident's preferred name is used by all staff. The residents are not called by other names without prior consent e.g.- love, honey, dearie, Nan, Gramps.



The vigilant protection of residents' privacy by closing doors and curtains when undertaking activities such as sponging, toileting & dressing; re-directing intrusive residents from others personal space; knocking on door before entering room; assisting residents to have private conversations; asking residents before turning on or off TVs, radios &c; staff discretion in conversations regarding residents

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The residents' overall dignity will be maintained by respecting their cultural & religious beliefs & requirements. Terminal care wishes ( identified on Pallative Care/Terminal Care Wishes form / Advance Care Plan ) are to be respected to ensure a peaceful & dignified death.

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Pallative Care Terminal Care Wishes form
Advance Care Plan


Residents' dignity is also maintained where confidentiality is strictly observed by all staff in terms of written material (where access is restricted to appropriate parties) & verbal information/discussions (where conversations are discrete & held with only appropriate persons).

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The staff will also recognise the resident’s right to maintain intimate
relationships if desired & will take the necessary steps to protect their privacy/dignity in this regard.

24hr Report Daily Diary
Personal Care Plan


Choices - Residents are encouraged to make their own choices whenever possible e.g. Doctor (Clinical Policy 2.4 ), Chemist, food preferences, socialization with other residents.



Staff will ensure access to areas where sensitive information is stored or held is restricted to only those parties who have right to access.



All permanent residents are given a copy of the RMB Privacy Policy prior to admission. Written consent is obtained to collect and disclose relevant information to Health Professionals/Contractors

Privacy Policy
Personal & Health Information (Contractors)


Requests for access to Personal Information by Residents or Representatives must be made to The Privacy Officer (CEO) using Request for Access To Personal Information Form.

Requests for access will be dealt with within a maximum of 45 days, ie either access given or written refusal (providing reasons for refusal).

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Personal Information Form